Great Indian Developer Summit

With over 20000 attendees benefiting over six game changing editions, GIDS is established as India's biggest independent, in-depth, practitioner-run, polyglot conference focused on content that can help IT professionals stay on the cutting-edge of constant flux. India's gold standard for the software developer ecosystem, GIDS is Asia's biggest developer conference that attendees look up to each year, for gaining exposure to and evaluating new projects, tools, services, platforms, languages, software and standards.

Homespun by Saltmarch Media, GIDS is for software developers, technical team leads, architects and project managers. The summit provides both timely topics and also context and perspective, aimed at the well-rounded software craftsman. For more information, visit

Mobile Developer Summit

Mobile Developer Summit (MODS) is the biggest and definitive multi-platform conference and expo series for India's mobile developer ecosystem. Featuring an agenda that fosters prolific dialogue among native app, web and cross platform developers with coverage on iPhone, iOS, Android, BlackBerry, Windows Phone, Design, UI/UX, Mobile HTML 5, development tools, MODS provides a platform to debate, rethink the world of mobile, and visualize your future in this ecosystem.For more information, visit

Game Developer Summit

The games industry in India has its healthy share of rockstars and a burgeoning stream of wannabes. A relatively nascent industry, many of its practitioners and consumers were dubbed as geeks and outcasts, and many of them ridiculed for their passion. Add to it is the insatiable craving for academic and critical discourse and a repulsion of it for many of the same reasons. Game Developer Summit resolves the need for an active platform that discusses the combination of programming, interactivity, aesthetics, sound, user experience and gaming business. Game Developer Summit (GDS), a clear indicator of a growing game developer community in India who are keen on catching up with the Americas and the Chinas, brings together the entire community together for a grander unification of the industry. For more information, visit

Eclipse India Summit

Eclipse Summit, India Edition, is Asia's largest Eclipse-only show featuring intensive talks on all that you need to know as a developer using Eclipse-based tools and technologies. At Eclipe India Summit attendees participate in sessions and workshops encompassing the full range of Equinox, RCP, PDE, Rich Ajax Platform, EMF, GEF, ECF, GEF, M2M, EMFT, OSGi, eRCP, CDT, BIRT, TPTP, WTP and DTP, practical tutorials that deep dive into technical skill and best practices, inspirational keynote presentations, an Expo Hall featuring the latest projects and products activities, and interact with the best and brightest of speakers from around the world. For more information, visit

CIO Business Congress

CIO Business Congress is India's foremost and premier business marketplace for India's most proactive CIOs and technology vendors to discuss IT issues, solutions and best practices. Packed with pre-scheduled, one-on-one business meetings, executive exchanges, power panel discussions and peer CIO keynotes, the congress provides IT vendors with business opportunities of over 200 mln Euros. For more information, visit

CIO Mobility Congress

Technology executives in virtually every industry are faced with a growing demand to empower end users to access data and applications securely and reliably via mobile platforms. Executives charged with maintaining the integrity of their organizations' data and applications, while leveraging mobile technology to drive innovation into interaction, walk a fine line between security and accessibility. The CIO Mobility Congress (CMC) is a unique opportunity for technology executives involved in mobility initiatives. For more information, visit

Biztech Congress

The relationship between data center and the enterprise shift to the cloud are mutually inclusive events. The decision to use Cloud Computing requires an assessment of the risks and rewards, where as data center technology decisions are largely driven by the needs of a rapidly changing enterprise. In its fourth edition running, the BizTech Congress featured two co-located congress events in CIO Cloud Congress and Datacenter Business Congress - showcasing the immediate relevance of both these technologies to India's most proactive CIOs, IT and Data Center decision makers. For more information, visit

Recruitment & Sourcing Summit

India's first and most authoritative summit for Recruitment and Sourcing professionals. With awareness about the power of sourcing at an all-time high, the Indian market is on the cusp of experiencing the leverage that latest tools, technologies and practices have to offer. Recruitment & Sourcing Summit will provide world-class advise from top-notch practitioners on how you can save valuable time and money to not only identify more qualified candidates and make better hiring decisions, but also make them faster and more efficiently.


Gamified Gamified is a conference that will leave you thinking about the way you engage with customers, employees and stakeholders. The conference brings together leading thinkers and deployers from the world of Gamification to showcase the power of engaging design and demonstrate how you can apply these new techniques to positively impact the way you think about engagement. For more information, visit

Business Technology Summit

Business Technologies are changing the way we work, live and do business. From being at the forefront of a fundamental shift in the way companies obtain software and computing capacity, Business Technologies are now allowing enterprises to apply the flip side of Moore's law: from providing ever-increasing performance at a particular price to providing a particular level of performance at an ever-lower price. As the world slowly but surely emerges out of one of the worst global slow down in recent times, and learns to grapple with a dynamic and ever changing economy, our enterprises present us with even more challenges and requirements to become agile, service-oriented, customer-oriented, cloud enabled, business intelligent and socially connected. Centered on the theme Shaping Your Enterprise for New Business Realities, the third edition of India's annual summit for business technologies featured some of the most important and relevant tracks that empowered attendees with all the necessary know-how required for their applications and their companies to prosper in this climate, now and into the future: Cloud Computing and Service Oriented Architecture & Web Services. Visit the summit web site to see a report from the show, including speaker/delegate testimonials, a picture gallery and downloads.