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We are excited to announce Tizen Developer Summit India! This technical event is for application and platform developers seeking to learn more about Tizen, an open platform that powers a wide range of smart devices, including the Samsung Z1. The conference program will feature technical content for App developers, platform designers, ISVs, OEMs, hardware vendors, software vendors, open source enthusiasts, and anyone who wants to learn more about Tizen. Join us at Tizen Developer Summit 2015, it shall be one of the largest, info-packed, practical technical conference in the region

CIO Business Congress is India's foremost and premier business marketplace for India's most proactive CIOs and technology vendors to discuss IT issues, solutions and best practices. Packed with pre-scheduled, one-on-one business meetings, executive exchanges, power panel discussions and peer CIO keynotes, the congress provides IT vendors with business opportunities of over 200 mln Euros. CBC 2015 will take place 16-18th July in Bangalore, India. Contact us for sponsorship positions.

India's first and most authoritative summit for Recruitment and Sourcing professionals. With awareness about the power of sourcing at an all-time high, the Indian market is on the cusp of experiencing the leverage that latest tools, technologies and practices have to offer. Recruitment & Sourcing Summit will provide world-class advise from top-notch practitioners on how you can save valuable time and money to not only identify more qualified candidates and make better hiring decisions, but also make them faster and more efficiently. Join us for the 2015 edition to take place on 21st August in Bangalore and 24th August in Dubai.

Mobile Developer Summit (MODS) is the biggest and definitive multi-platform conference and expo series for India's mobile developer ecosystem. Featuring an agenda that fosters prolific dialogue among native app, web and cross platform developers with coverage on iPhone, iOS, Android, BlackBerry, Windows Phone, Design, UI/UX, Mobile HTML 5, development tools, MODS provides a platform to debate, rethink the world of mobile, and visualize your future in this ecosystem. Join us for the 2015 edition to take place on 15-16th october in Bangalore.

The role of the Retail CIO is becoming increasingly important in a world of Social, Mobile, Analytics and Cloud. 2014 is expected to witness renewed consumer confidence and IT strategies that positively influence shopper behavior stand to be rewarded. CIO Retail Congress (CRC) is a unique event that will gather the topmost technology leaders in Retail. CRC 2015 will take place Oct 16th in Mumbai, India. Contact us for sponsorship positions.

The role of the Government CIO is now metamorphosing from day-to-day and project-wise delivery to looking at major changes in policy and citizen services, assessing the scale and complexity of what's happening from a central as well as state level perspective, and ascertaining how their organization can collectively move forward, so the sum is greater than the collection of individual parts. CIO Government Congress (CGC) is a unique event that will gather the topmost technology leaders in Government. CRC 2015 will take place 20th Nov in New Delhi, India. Contact us for sponsorship positions.

Technology executives in virtually every industry are faced with a growing demand to empower end users to access data and applications securely and reliably via mobile platforms. Executives charged with maintaining the integrity of their organizations' data and applications, while leveraging mobile technology to drive innovation into interaction, walk a fine line between security and accessibility. The CIO Mobility Congress (CMC) is a unique opportunity for technology executives involved in mobility initiatives. CMC 2015 will take place 27th Nov in Mumbai, India. Contact us for sponsorship positions.

30,000+ attendees have benefited from the GIDS platform thus far. Several hundreds have testified to the success they owe to GIDS, from individuals who turned entrepreneurs, to garage start-ups who metamorphosed into full-fledged global operations, to several thousands who have reported super positive career upgrades and shifts. Join the 2016 edition of the gold standard for India's software developer ecosystem featuring four days of conference and workshops. GIDS 2016 will take place 19-22nd April in Bangalore and 23rd April in Pune, India.Contact us today for sponsorship positions.

Great Indian Data Summit (GIDS.Data) is premiering this year at GIDS with focus on Big Data, Data Science & Analytics. You will hear from world-class experts on how to Work with Data (Big Data, NoSQL, Hadoop, Casandra, Mongo DB Usage, Aggregate-oriented databases), Analyze Data (Predictive Analytics, Sentiment Analysis, Recommender System, Campaign management) and Data Visualization and Data as a Service. Contact us today for sponsorship positions.

Going green is both a corporate advantage and an opportunity for humanity to enable change. Green Energy Summit is India's global summit dedicated to sustainable development, renewable energy and clean technologies. Stay tuned to the summit web site for more information.

Saltmarch Intelligence provides unmatched quantitative and qualitative intelligence through in-depth market research, focused and audited online and in-person surveys, incisive interviews, and phone consultations. Visit Saltmarchi to learn more about our database marketing, lead/demand generation programs, qualification exercises on generated leads, bespoke events, and expert networks.

India's #1 Portal for software developers. With over 260,000 active subscribers and over 2 million impressions per month, Developer March is where India's software development ecosystem converges for the latest information in Java, Agile, .NET and Web technologies. Contact us for marketing opportunities.

India's #1 Portal for Business Technology Professionals. With over 80,000 active subscribers and near to 1 million page impressions per month, BizTech March is where India's Business Technology Ecosystem converges. Contact us for marketing opportunities.

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BEYOND JUST providing innovative platforms for industry professionals, decision makers, investors and the huge talent pool of working professionals world wide, Saltmarch Media ensures that processes, procedures and decisions are simpler, easier and very interactive. Saltmarch's brands are varied and need-based from those that focus on renewable and conventional energy to those that focus on personalised HR and IT recruitment. Saltmarch Media offers solutions that are as varied as they are complete and precise.

The objective of each brand within Saltmarch is to create 'communities' of buyers and customers. If you are a marketeer looking to maximise your brand equity and generate hot leads among 'targeted, qualified, opt-in communities' in the information technology or clean technology space, speak to a Saltmarch Media representative today to find out how you can participate in our media properties.

Saltmarch's brands are educative such that they get you away from your daily work so you can gather fresh ideas and then go back and start working towards your dreams, provide space to form and nurture new business relationships, and help our sponsors connect with you in a way that's valuable for both.