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Learn Flex Performance Tips & Tricks, Flex 4 Spark at Adobe Flash Platform Summit 2010

Bangalore, August 3, 2010: : Deepa Subramaniam has been a lead computer scientist on the Flex 1-4 releases, working with the product since its inception in 2003. At Adobe Flash Platform Summit 2010, Deepa will cover key tips for creating performant Flex and ActionScript applications. In a separate session she will walk you through fundamental concepts and classes that make up Spark - the new component and skinning architecture introduced in Flex 4. Homespun by Saltmarch Media, AFPS 2010 will be held 25 and 26 August 2010 in Bangalore.

In the session on 'Performance Tips & Tricks' get an overview of garbage collection, memory management, and rendering in Flash Player and how those mechanisms can be taken advantage of to create fast and lean Flex and ActionScript code. Developers will be provided a number of common performance-related pitfalls to avoid as well as ways to profile your application for performance regressions and memory leaks.

The talk on 'Adobe Flex 4/Spark Internals' will be a technical session, which should not be missed. You will learn about the new skinning contract introduced for Spark-based components, the new advanced layout system, new effects engine, and graphics library added to the Flex 4 framework.  


As the single, largest Flash Platform conference in India, at AFPS you get to hear about stuff in the roadmap and future directions before anyone else. Attend AFPS 2010 for the sheer value of the content! No other conference in India offers such a comprehensive mix of technical and creative content, delivered by the industry's leading speakers and platform experts. Across two days, you have access to over forty presentations including inspiring keynotes from legendary Adobe speakers. You also have the opportunity to hang out at the expo area and connect with Adobe partners, industry leaders and peer developers and designers. With over 2000 attendees sharing the same passion as you, imagine the opportunities to network and further your goals.  

AFPS 2010 is homespun by Saltmarch Media, producers of Great Indian Developer Summit and Developer March - India's biggest and independent polyglot conference and portal for software developers. For more information, visit: www.adobesummit.com  


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